Thursday, October 22, 2015

Of Tonight, and Saturday Plans

After work today, I took my car to get it inspected. When I asked if they could fit me in, the guy laughed and said he had to, since I was wearing a Bruins shirt (emblematic of how sports are taken around Boston, where hockey is generally just the third-most popular sport). There was a neat old car outside the garage (in car years, 1966 is plenty old, right?), which of course I had to photograph.
Then I sat down and took out my knitting, and the guy behind the desk inquired if I was making socks or gloves. Well done, sir! Socks, of course. I said that it keeps my hands busy, and he replied, "And your feet warm in the winter!" True, true.

In a way, this leads into my plans for Saturday--not the knitting, but the old car. I read about a car show at a museum in Brookline this weekend, and remembering how I always love seeing old cars around, and particularly the glimpses of them in Rhinebeck every year, I looked into it. Turns out that Saturday is Extinct Car Day, how cool is that? I've never been to a car show, but I really think I will enjoy that. So get ready for lots of photos, hopefully.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Oh damn, I think the library just got rid of the discount passes for that one!

10:26 PM, October 22, 2015  

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