Saturday, October 24, 2015

Oh, Old Cars!

If you aren't fond of old cars, you may as well leave now--not meaning to be rude, but that's all I have today, and I have a lot of them! So if you're not interested, or at least curious, well, please come back another day.

Still here? Excellent. This morning I went to the Extinct Car Day, as I mentioned, and I had a blast. I was only there for half an hour, but I got my fill of the beauties. In fact, I ended up taking 80 pictures, all of which I won't include here, so if you want to see the full set (hi, Mum!), you should find it here, on Flickr. Please let me know if that doesn't work.

It was cold today, in the 40s, and since I kept my right glove off to work the camera, that hand got cold! But I put it in my pocket here and there, and since I only walked around for half an hour, no permanent harm done. It was not a sunny day, either, which was a pity, as can you imagine these trees in the sunshine?
But they were still gorgeous, I think.
I kept changing angles.
The cold is almost worth it. Foliage, and hockey...

I saw this on the way down, and while the Corvette isn't extinct, I had to get its picture, as I loved these when I was a kid.
And then I saw this one, also just parked with the visitors. Mmmm!
Isn't that gorgeous? 1949. I love those lines.
After that, it was kind of a comedown to go into the display area and see a line of Saturns.
Yes, I get it, they're extinct, but ... I drove a Saturn! For years! This is not what I came to see, And neither are the muscle cars, although they do have their own charm.
No, this is what I came to see:
I seem to hit right in the 40s, don't I? Some 30s and some 50s, but the ones from the 40s seemed to be more me. Isn't it lovely? Coming and going.
How about this one? Running boards...

And a rumble seat!
Just neat.

There were several dozen vehicles there, conditions ranging from "rusting out" to "nicely restored" to "could eat off the engine". I noticed a few fun license plates, too, like the COOGAH on what I assume is a Cougar (that's the Mass accent for you).
To this one, which seems awfully fast.
As well as HDSN on a Hudson, and the OLDS 41 I showed above, plus a PONT 41 on a Pontiac and a NASH 56 on, well, a Nash. And, finally:
Or, finally finally, I don't know the significance of this one:
FE FO? But it's quite a car.

Again, the full set is on Flickr, here. Enjoy--I did!


Blogger Leslie said...

The Avanti was marketed as a High Performance Personal Vehicle and competed at the Bonneville Salt Flats (ah, my misspent youth is showing). It would very well have reached that speed.

Thoroughly delightful photos today. Thanks!

5:02 PM, October 25, 2015  
Anonymous Drea said...

Thank you, thank you for all the Hudson photos. That one interior shot shows the extreme width for the passengers -- now maybe you believe me when I say my Hudson fit four teenagers across in the front comfortably, and another seven, stacked, in the back! What a magnificent vehicle, the "upside-down bathtub" of my youth. Beautiful!

10:41 PM, October 25, 2015  

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