Monday, October 12, 2015

A Short Long Weekend, a Good Weekend

Happy Columbus Day, that US quasi-holiday that means we don't get mail, some people but not many are off work, and there are news stories about anti-Columbus sentiment spreading far and wide. And then there's this:
It also meant that the Bruins played a matinee this afternoon, but at least I got to watch the game (on the Pad next to the computer, that is, not that I was blowing off work to sit in front of the TV). I appreciated being able to watch especially since I didn't see Saturday's game, and in the next 8 days, the 2 games they play both start at 10 PM, ow (maybe by the time I can see a game again, they will have remembered how to play hockey, sigh).

I'm so used to taking both Friday and Monday off* for Apple Festival that when I was driving home yesterday, there was more than one moment when I was thinking it was Monday. Wrong! But for all the abbreviation, it was still a good time.
*As I have rarely worked for companies that give it as a holiday.

I will try to get to the full report tomorrow. After all, I want to cover:
  • Weather
  • Travel
  • Tarantula
  • Fest: overall experience
  • Fest: shopping
  • Missing the cat, singular
And that's a lot!


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