Friday, October 30, 2015

A Quite Quiet Evening

Ahhh, Friday! Importantly, Friday night.

It's not that it was an awful week. It had its downsides, true (like the problem with the heat in the building, for which we are awaiting a part, or like the new laptop's issue with dropping the wifi over and over, which is not the laptop's fault as apparently this has been happening since Windows 8, WTF Microsoft, you couldn't have fixed that in Windows 10?), but overall it's been fine. Busy! For instance, my evenings so far:
  • Monday, chiropractor and then stitch and bitch
  • Tuesday, a flying visit to the eye doctor to make sure that my eye, which was bothering me, was nothing serious (which it was not, but I'd rather hear that than not go and find out later that it was something)
  • Wednesday, other knitting group--I started a new project!
  • Thursday, dinner with a former coworker, so it was nice to catch up, plus she grew up in my little city, so it was a time-travel evening for her (she took the T out this way, I picked her up, then after dinner drove her home)
So tonight, I wasn't feeling like hustling out for anything in particular. And since tomorrow's plans include a midday movie (The Martian! Can't wait! Loved the book!), I can run errands after that, and still get home well before dark--Halloween gives me the fidgets that way, I hate driving around worrying I'm going to miss some little kid hopped up on sugar and excitement stepping out into the street.

I've been knitting and listening to an audiobook, but it's time to switch to pregame Bruins coverage; I will leave you with a picture of what I'm working on.
Isn't it pretty? Not that I'm at all partial or biased, of course.


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