Monday, October 26, 2015

Wisdom Where You Find It, or Look for It

I recently got the first Humans of New York book out of the library (I'm waiting for the second one), and while I really enjoyed the whole thing, I was much struck by one of the entries.
To close in on the quote:
Seriously, how true is that? This isn't my favorite photograph from the book, but it's my favorite quote.

P.S. I got a new computer. Before the old one completely died! (Knock wood.) How crazy is that? Hey, listen, I think I've only had the old one about ten years...Windows Vista, anyone?

While I am finishing my transition (most of the stuff I want, the important stuff, is already on an external hard drive, but I'm double-checking everything on the old computer before I kill it), my desk looks like this:
Once the old machine is ready to go away, I plan to use its monitor as a second screen for the new one, so this view won't so much change as tweak in the future. But I will be glad to get rid of the tower on the other desk!

One question, for anyone who might know: The new laptop connected to my wifi just fine. However, periodically, I have trouble connecting to something, and when I look at the wifi list, instead of saying "Connected," it says "Limited." When I disconnect and reconnect, it works with no problem, but why is it dropping-not-dropping like this? Anyone? I can't see anything in the settings that I can tell would do that, but I am (major understatement alert) hardly an expert.


Blogger Leslie said...

VISTA???? Seriously?

I know I occasionally find something "limited" here on my ancient 5 yo laptop which was converted to W-10 about 3 months ago.

My biggest problem is I cannot connect my printer wirelessly. But since I got this "just for the price" at BJ's without reading any reviews I can only kick myself. It seems nobody can manage to connect this cheapo Canon wirelessly.

6:58 PM, October 26, 2015  
Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Jeff wonders if you have a firewall that's doing something weird?

8:19 PM, October 26, 2015  

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