Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Couch Musings

I brought the laptop to the couch so that I could blog in comfort while watching the Bruins game; this does not suck.

I also have a down comforter on my lap, as my building is having a problem with the heat. It's one of the two heating systems, and I'm sure I've mentioned before that my place actually has vents from both of them, which I'm pretty sure wasn't supposed to happen, but since it means that when one system has a problem, I'm not completely screwed, you won't hear me complaining too much about that. So I'm not completely without heat, which is good considering the freeze we may get tonight, but it is damned chilly in here, and I was glad to remember the comforter, which I don't normally need, and pull it out.

The Bruins are currently in the lead, so despite Carlos, who wanted me to come to bed starting an hour ago, I will be staying up a while longer. (Last week, against Philly, I went to bed happy after 2 periods, Bruins winning, and did not have to watch them fall apart in the third. I would rather they had held on to win, but I wasn't sorry to miss seeing what happened.)

They're trying to get their first home win of the season tonight, while being undefeated on the road--that's a weird combination, if you're not aware. They are also number one in the league on the power play (which is SO unlike the Bruins of the past few years, but it's a good thing), and yet are 29th on the penalty kill--that's also a weird pairing. It's been an odd start to the season around the league, in many ways; one team lost their first eight games*, which is crazy, almost as much as that another team has won their first nine.
*Before finally winning one

I'm wearing an old sweatshirt of my dad's, which is of course the only reason I would be wearing a NY Giants shirt. (I wore it last night, and when the chiropractor saw me he stopped, head tilted, and said, "...the ... Giants?" as he knows very well that I am only a hockey fan, and not at all football--sometimes we'll have sardonic conversations when he asks what I thought of "the big game" and I inform him seriously that no, the Bruins didn't play yesterday, as though I don't know he means the Patriots.) Hey, it's warm, and sometimes when I'm thinking about my dad for whatever reason, it's nice to wear.

It's the end of the second period, and I think I'll go get ready for bed, so that as soon as the third ends, I can get into bed. I slept well and heavily last night, and would like more of the same tonight. Which Carlos thinks can't start soon enough.


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