Sunday, November 01, 2015

Another Weekend Done

Another weekend come and gone. How was yours?

Mine was good. The Bruins won both their games. After starting the season with 3 losses, they have gone 6-0-1 since, which is shall-we-say better, and they are still undefeated on the road, also nice. Keep it up, boys.

On Saturday, I went to see the movie version of The Martian, and thought it was great. I haven't been so impressed by a movie based on a book since I don't know when. I usually come out of such movies with at least three major gripes, and the fact that no, Gwendolyn in Earnest would NOT have a tattoo, thank you, can spoil a movie for me. But while I had a few minor quibbles with this, overall I thought they did very well. By the way, the friend I went with had not read the book, and she also loved the movie, so there you are.

Otherwise, not too much excitement. I turned the clocks back, changed the sheets and washed the mattress pad (which requires great cat juggling and displeasure: a mattress pad in the washing machine does not warm the bed for a cat, you know), and of course I kept knitting. I like how this is coming out.


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