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Looking Back at January

Last year, a blog I enjoy reading (and I'm sorry to say I don't remember which one) had a feature in December looking back at each month of the year, and what she'd been doing, or at least blogging about. I thought that was such a nice idea that I made a note to try it myself, so here goes: my January 2013.

In January of 2013, I was still very full of the Florida trip over Christmas 2012. Pictures, words, trip! Already I've forgotten things like the home movie of our own dance party, the one that proved no one in my immediate family has rhythm. Mum, we should watch that again!

There was the mention of the annoyingness of my boss, then referred to as My Least Favorite Coworker, showing that my dislike of her is unfortunately nothing new.

Then there was the first rumor that the hockey lockout might wrap up! I'd been missing the NHL for months, and even a hint of accord was most welcome. It's good to remember to be grateful for a full season this year. I was also showing the mink shawl in progress, back in the fun days when I only dreamed of how much I'd love wearing it. And I do!

I wrote about all the reading I'd done in 2012. My numbers are going to be way down again this year, and I'm sure it's because I spend more time knitting. I'm okay with that. I enjoy both.

Some more of the presents that I got for Christmas, and a new book I was excited to read, got their own entry. I also wrote about some of the presents I gave, specifically, the ones I knit. It amuses me to see that last note at the end of that entry about an idea for a shawl, since it's the one I'm working on now. Off topic a bit from January, but hey, here's a progress picture anyway.
It's knit from end to end, so this is one end of the shawl (not the middle, or anything, I mean). After I took this picture, I put in a lifeline, in case when I add the maple leaf part in, I don't like the way it looks. Make it easy to fix, which should negate the need for it, right? In theory.

By the way, how ironic is it that I'm doing the shawl this way because I couldn't find one with a maple leaf motif, and I just now saw this maple-leaf-shaped shawl? I'm going to go on as I am, but that's irony, I say.

After that, I wrote joyfully about going to training camp, as the Bruins were finally, finally going to play again. So excited! And when I got to go to the scrimmage game, it was enough to draw me into a rare-for-me weeknight excursion, leaving me tired enough the next day that I spilled my soup ... but so, so happy. More pictures the next day!

By later in January, I was already forgetting that I'd written about Christmas knitting, and wrote about it again. Whoops! No harm done; from here, it's kind of funny. In fact, since some of it seems to be word-for-word, I think what must have happened is that I had a draft written, and when I wrote about it on the 12th, I copied instead of cut it out. So, a week or so later, I saw it and (probably saying to myself, "I thought I wrote about that already,") I put it up. And no one said a word!

I had some work stress in January, when a bunch of bigwigs and sales people invaded for meetings (and "it felt like a centipede had been dancing on my brain"? really?), but I also had friends over for lunch and a movie and it was great fun. Ah, life, ups and downs.

Then there was the office project, the "no, I still haven't tackled the office project" project. Hmmm. Will 2014 be the year? I want it to be ... but will I make it so? It's certainly true that the desk I currently have my computer on is bigger than I need for that ... I could make it a craft table, a space to keep the swift and ballwinder set up, and use the other desk as an actual desk. Motivation, perhaps? Step one is to get rid of the futon, and then I can move the loveseat out of the office and free up room. Anyone around here want a futon? Seats two, folds out, free for the picking up?

At the end of January, I went to the chiropractor for the first time. Has anyone noticed that I'm having fewer headaches lately? Because I've noticed!

I ended January on a peaceful note, with a video of a swimming manatee*. Because who doesn't find that soothing?
*I know, I know, when aren't they swimming? But you know what I mean!

And that is January 2013, as blogged by me. Kind of fun to look back! Although, I wouldn't bet a huge sum that I will finish the whole year. But watch for February!


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