Thursday, December 05, 2013

This and That, Knit and Physics, Cute Cat

I'm currently working on a last few knitting projects for Christmas, but I've also started thinking about what I'll be knitting when that push is over. Such as, what will I bring for on-the-plane knitting? I'll have a sock with me, of course, but other than that? I have a shawl in progress, and I also want to start on a double-knit project, maybe a hat. There are plenty of items on my list, but it's a question of what I'll have time to start before I leave...
It comes back to that Venn diagram of knitting. Usually, I choose to knit what falls into the overlap: something I want to knit AND something I want to wear/use. (Knitty's Winter 2013 issue just went up, and as usual, I had a good time working my way through the pattern index, rejecting patterns for one reason or the other, if not both.) The TARDIS shawl was always for me. Mink shawl? Mine, and don't even try it. Once in while, though, there's something I want to knit but don't feel strongly about wearing or using. The shawl I'm making now is one I want to make, but when my mother asked me who it was for, I said I don't know.

Quote of the day: "You know you're an introvert when being iced in sounds like the best weekend ever, as long as you have power." ~~Shanna Swendson

Can anyone tell me why, at work this morning, I suddenly had the misfit song from Rudolph running through my head? I haven't even seen it yet this year, and I wasn't reading about misfits... I can't figure out the trigger.

Do any of you know physics at all? I never studied it, and I recently found myself wondering if I was correct when I chided the driver of another car for trying to move into a space that was already occupied by a third car because "it's just physics, you can't do that." Am I right? Is it a rule of physics that two solid objects can't occupy the same space simultaneously? Or do I need to correct my ranting-to-myself-in-the-car language?

It's a good sign that I'm beginning to be able to laugh at not getting that job, the one I talked to last Friday. It was with a company whose name I see in things at work, being "in the field" as it were, and when I ran across it today I felt a mild twinge. Then I laughed to myself, remembered Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot, lamenting that she'll never be able to forget the rich man jilting her because "No matter where l go, there'll always be a Shell station on every corner." Moving on.


...But ... but ... you have steak. You no share? With the baby?


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Awwww, poor sad Carlos! (Finnegan gives me the same sad look, but usually from about half an inch from my plate.)

8:06 PM, December 05, 2013  
Blogger Kate P said...

Just caught up with the interview thing--kind of a bummer, but I like your take on it. Be Marilyn! (or whatever her name was in the movie, I forget)

Carlos, wait until you're 16 and you will have steak shared with you, no begging required.

WV: "akewsqu theatre"--sounds like one of the shows at the Philly Fringe Festival.

11:21 PM, December 05, 2013  

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