Sunday, December 15, 2013

Looking Back at February

My goodness, half an hour of shoveling out the car today and I am wiped out! Pretty sad. But let's forget about that and look back to last February! (Wondering why? It's here.)

The month started on a Friday, and I was wiped out by that as I so often am, putting up a few videos in lieu of more content. The next day, more relaxed, I wrote about seeing the chiropractor for the first time! And on Sunday, I showed the result of some happy yarn shopping. Overall, not a bad weekend.

After a few days of head interference, there was more on the chiropractor, and an incoming storm: Nemo! I prepared for the storm, then showed my car disappearing under the snow. (This is getting a little depressing, coming as it does today, with the first real snow of the season.)

I wrote elliptically about a bad day at work; I think that was when I learned that my least favorite co-worker was going to be my boss. Not a great day. Later that week, I got ready to go to Grandma's, to see her and my mother. And I came home with an iPad! Little did I know how much I'd like that.

Later in February, while recounting how my little next-door neighbor had woken me early on a Sunday, I mused:
They're not owners, they're subletting, and I keep hoping they'll move to a bigger place, give the kid some space. I'm dreaming.
Well, guess what? They just moved out! I haven't heard them since sometime over Thanksgiving weekend, though I was afraid to hope, but I just got confirmation today from another neighbor. Here's hoping the next neighbors are good ones, but in any case I won't miss thumper at all. Whew!

In the same entry, I showed the blocking of the mink shawl, and other knitting progress, and reported on my review at work, and on my good friend's new job (update: she liked it).

Just as a follow-up, in case you've been wondering all this time, no, I have not learned my new Discover card account number. I actually use my American Express far more, anyway, but I don't even know that one by heart. I think my days of memorizing long random number strings are over. Too much brain space taken over by the commercial for Parker Brothers Bonkers board game, and the start of the general prologue to The Canterbury Tales, and Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening. And the preamble to the Constitution, thank you Schoolhouse Rock. Anyway. Back to it.

Toward the end of February, I wrote sadly about the mysteriously "seasonal" nature of the salted caramel mocha coffee creamer, making me even happier that it has reappeared recently, and without that seasonal nonsense on the label. I hope they mean it this time.

I wrapped up the month, as I'd started it, with a short, place-holder-type of entry, featuring an extremely cute photo of the furball (as if there's any other kind).

Not the most eventful month, really, but it had its moments. Funny to think of all that has changed since then, including the disappearance of Her Highness, who made an appearance or two in passing in February's blogging. This little exercise is making me unusually pensive.


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