Monday, December 30, 2013

‚ÄčAnother Zombie Day

This morning I dragged around, reluctantly getting ready for work when I just didn't wanna, but you know, you do anyway. I went to put my shoes on ... and couldn't find them.

I was looking for a specific pair, obviously, since I do have more than one pair of shoes. I had been keeping this pair at work before Christmas, since it was snow-boot weather, but I brought them home on that Friday, and in fact wore them on the Sunday before Christmas when I went to that party; therefore, they had to be there. This morning, though? Nowhere to be found.

Which meant I had to wear a different pair (not a big problem), and spent the whole day wondering if I would get home to see them in a perfectly obvious place that I just somehow missed, or still be unable to find them, in which case, where did they go? Not to Florida, which limits the possibilities. Kind of annoying. Really put the icing on the cake of Monday morning and returning from vacation, with a side of congestion.

The answer, by the way? I forgot that I put them away, in one of the small shoe-container drawers that I don't usually use for everyday shoes. I remembered after I got home tonight.

I don't know whether it's that whole "Monday morning and returning from vacation" thing, or the congestion from the allergy/cold/whatever, but oh, so tired. So grateful to be looking forward to sleeping in on Wednesday. Happy new year! I've never been much of a one for watching the ball drop, but this year, I'll be lucky to make it to the end of the Bruins game Tuesday night before getting in bed. Woo. Even for me, this is tired. Tonight? I might be in bed at 7. I may manage to eat something first...

Here. Have a cute.
Good night.


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