Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sigh, and Ow, and Soon-to-be Zzzzzz

Goodness, but getting home after 7 makes the evening sweep by more quickly, doesn't it? The lamp that's on a timer just went out, and it goes off at twenty to nine ... so it must be that late, already. Tomorrow night is the work dinner, and I have errands to run Friday, too. What a week.

And when you start the day tired and sore, before going to shovel out the car again, and go off to another stupid day at work, well, it's hard to power-of-positive-thinking that into a good day. At least, I find it hard. If shampooing my hair is painful because it involves raising my arms, well. No enthusiasm for the multiple "world will end if these don't get done today" tasks that awaited me. Today wasn't actually as bad as it seemed like it would be this morning, but then this morning it seemed extremely bad, so that is a pretty backhand compliment, or damning with faint praise, or something.

The head of the division (my boss's boss) e-mailed this morning that, as they got 5-6 inches of snow and she had had to shovel, rather than sit in traffic to get into the office, she would be working from home ... I managed not to reply, "must be nice to have that choice." I would have left work early yesterday, before the snow was bad, if I could have worked from home once I got there*. Instead, it took me twice as long as usual to get home (including a lovely moment where I had my steering wheel turned all the way to the left and was still sliding right), then got to dig out and drive in again today. Ugh, winter, enough.
*A friend suggested that, if I still worked there at review time, I ask for a laptop and to work from home. I may just.

By the way, I am over the "but it looks so pretty" argument. Yeah, sure. If I could lift my arms without pain, I'd take a picture. Pretty. Whatever. Beaches are pretty, too.

Anyway. Sorry for the extreme crank level. The errands may have kept me from getting home earlier, but they're things I wanted to get done. It's not all bad. I'm just ... so tired.

Here. Have a flash mob.

There's a story about it here. And that's all I've got. Must sleep, must sleep...


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

They didn't even let you leave early because of the storm?? That's rotten. I'm glad you got home safely, and hope your arms feel better soon.

(And heck yeah, ask for the laptop at review time!)

6:31 PM, December 19, 2013  

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