Friday, December 13, 2013

The Big Two Oh Oh Oh

I was going to look back at February tonight, as I recently did for January, but, in the language of the locals, I have had wicked bad cramps today, and right now they are winning. Add to that the tender mouth from the dentist this morning (just a cleaning, but jabby) and some not-unusual-but-still-stupid work stupidity, and ooh, not the best day. No energy for delving into the past.

And let's not even talk about the cold, and the snow due tomorrow. Mother Nature wants to make sure I REALLY appreciate Christmas in Florida. I was already going to, honest!

On the other hand, the Bruins managed again last night to win even without me watching. Well done, boys! Still, I look forward to their return to time zones more aligned to my schedule, because yes, it is all about me. Or it should be.

Speaking of which, might I point out that this is my two thousandth post on the blog? My word! Or rather, many of my words. And images: let's do a little As Seen On Facebook tonight, shall we?

Finally, with a loud Amen:

Finally finally, an excellent and most convincing argument against getting expensive toys for babies.



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