Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Clouds and Cat

​After the weird weather that blew through so tempestuously last night, the weather today was glorious: mostly sunny, mid-80s, perfect. I had the worst time making myself go back inside after lunch, and was eager to leave after work for more than the usual reasons. Those storms yesterday, man: it was raining lightly when I left work, then rained harder while I was at the chiropractor but had stopped when I left, and when I left stitch and bitch later it seemed to have cleared right out. But I was barely home when I heard thunder, and not ten minutes later, it was sheeting down. Crazy!

It didn't last long, though, and it did lead to some pretty clouds.
Quack! See the duck?

I did ride the bike last night, though only for 5 minutes as my head wasn't entirely settled. Still, the sock is past the heel and the gusset decreases, meaning I can cruise down the foot now. Whatever motivation works, right? The last three weeks, I've ridden at least a little every night when my head allowed it (except when I gardened!). I'm pretty proud of that.

I don't think I'll be riding tonight, though. My head was fine today, but it's starting to hurt now for some reason. Fucking headaches. Making pasta salad sets it off now? Writing a note to my grandmother? Listening to a podcast?

I'll sign off with random cute Carlos pictures from this morning.

Talk to the paw.
 What did I just say?


Blogger Melissa said...

We went walking the other day at Deer Island and there was a cloud that looked like a pilgrim running from a bear! It was so clear that without any pointing or explaining I just said to my mom and husband with a nod in the general direction "Oh and over here, you'll see a Bear chasing a Pilgrim!" And they both saw it right away! So funny. My nearly two year old son who was in the stroller was no so amused however and was very distraught thinking that there was ACTUALLY a bear hidden over there somewhere. :P

3:45 PM, August 05, 2013  

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