Friday, July 19, 2013

Random Photos, Heated Musings

How about some random pictures on a Friday? I thought so!

Take this car:
And this car:
Do you automatically think, "Binary"? What does that say about you if you do? Or if you don't?

Walking dinosaur balloon!
Look at this, and then answer the question.
The question is, What other kind is there?

How advanced a student do you need to be to learn about heat?

Also: Castle in the Swamp? In the swamp? Um, yuck.
 Once and for all!
The Chicken-Wagon Family? ...uh...hmm.

Now here's a good one:
It's something to brighten my Friday: my mother let me cash in some reward points she had. A little shopping on the agenda! Books, cat treats, cold coffee drinks ... ahhhh.

It's another day of super-hot here on the east coast, hot enough that I don't even care how hot the actual numbers are: 95, 99, 104, whatever. Hot.

When I lived in Charlotte, years ago, I passed a bank on the way to work that had one of those digital time-and-temperature signs. Over time, as the bulbs started to blow, it became harder and harder to read the numbers, until finally the pattern was incomprehensible. At that point, the bank took the sign down and, to fill the space until the new one was put up, they had a couple of basic, canvas-type signs put in the spot. One side said:
and the other side said:
It's close to 20 years ago now (really? well, yeah, I moved to NC in 1994; still, how is that possible?), and I still remember how that made me laugh. And I thought of it again today, because man, that says it all.
No kidding.
(Not my picture, but it gets the point across.)

It's supposed to cool down somewhat after a storm system rolls through tomorrow afternoon. Forecasts after that are 80s instead of 90s. But for now? So hot, just so hot. Mind you, I'm still not complaining as much as I do about winter, when the degree (pardon the pun) of coldness continually takes me by surprise. In winter, the temperature shocks me, while in summer, it's just a statement: yep, it's hot.  But it was very chilly at work today, and you try dressing for 60 inside and 95 outside. It's a special challenge.

I don't know that it was actually 60 inside, by the way, just that apparently the system thought it should be. The maintenance man came by and apparently the system is kind of borked. "It shouldn't be blowing all the time," he said, and I wanted to laugh. No shit, Sherlock! (As we used to say in high school.) Stay tuned; we'll see what happens with that next week.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to play in the dirt, which isn't something grownups get to do that much, is it? Or if they do, they call it gardening. My friend's garden is apparently growing a world-record crop of weeds, so I'm going to help, and have fun getting dirty. Doesn't that sound like a good plan? On Sunday, my plans involve more air conditioning, namely a movie and dinner with family friends. Despicable Me 2! Gru! Minions! Freeze ray!
Don't miss the small print...


Blogger Kate P said...

About the tape: When I worked in a warehouse one summer in college, the packing tape was on a machine that would WET the adhesive, so self-adhesive is quite an advance.

Don't miss that "Working Wives' Cookbook" either. What?

Freezing cold and blowing all the time A/C= TV STUDIO. I'm not kidding. I will never forget how cold I was.

Happy cinema and shopping!

10:34 PM, July 19, 2013  

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