Sunday, October 30, 2011

The (yawn) Sunday Update

No pretty snow pictures here today. Other than a brief trip outside this afternoon to push what hadn't melted off my car before it froze there, I've been pretty successful at ignoring the whole thing. I did have a weird moment this morning when I realized that looking out one window I saw snow, and looking out the next window over was a tree in autumn colors. Look, winter here, autumn there!

My neighborhood did lose power for a few hours last night, giving me the somewhat trippy experience of taking out my contact lenses by candlelight, but it was back on sometime after midnight. I don't know when exactly, because I was actually able to remember all the lights I had on and switch them off before going to bed so they didn't wake me. Somehow I managed to suffer through sleeping without the heated mattress pad; a down comforter and two cats helped me there, no doubt.

The Bruins lost last night, oh well. I hope they get their shit together again soon, they're not so much fun to watch these days. Today's been pretty laid back. Several bouts of On the Couch With Carlos, and a good lot of knitting on a secret Christmas project, which went really well but I am about to rip out and do over. You may have to be a knitter to understand that statement, and why I'm not at all upset. I do have a bit of a headache, though, so I think I'll step away from the computer for now. Hope you're having a good one.


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