Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Night? Really? I Made It?

funny pictures - Thats it..  Keep going.

Oh, Friday night. Home at last. How do I love thee, let me count the ways.

Unfortunately the Bruins did not pull off a win against Montreal last night, though they did provide an answer to the trivia question, how does Montreal put three pucks in the net and only win 2-1? We'll see what happens tomorrow night in Montreal.

While it will be snowing in Boston, by the way. I only had a dusting this morning, but I had to scrape all the car windows hard. The new scraper worked pretty well, actually, but I would have been happy not to need it for another month or two. Or never. Tomorrow we're supposed to get at least 1-3 inches around Boston, and a coworker who is supposed to go to Pennsylvania for a wedding this weekend was concerned about whether she should go, given the forecast for 6-10 inches there. Ugh. Double ugh.
Since we're getting snow tomorrow, which really makes me feel weepy in case I'm being too subtle, I am not going to go out again until, oh, probably Monday morning. Maybe Sunday afternoon if I really want to and the way looks fairly clear. So I went to Target after work, which I needed to do anyway, but in addition to stocking up on glamor items like glucosamine and multivitamins I may also have brought home some ice cream and Heath bars. They were on sale! And I'm going to be snowed in! Gosh, you're strict. Don't think I don't hear you "wondering" why I'm not losing weight. I'm well aware that lack of willpower is not helping the situation. On the other hand: snow. In October.

Late yesterday my boss sent out an e-mail to let us know that she would be Working At Home today, and therefore Out Of the Office. She abbreviated this in the subject line, so when I saw it this morning, it made me think "Wahoo!" I mean, I knew just what she meant by WAH/OOO, but it looked amusing.

Now I will leave you with this amusing picture, and go do nothing productive.

funny pictures - Compass Kitteh! Da tail alwayz points North!

I love Friday night.


Blogger Kate P said...

Oh, those orange cats. They're always up to something.

I was thinking that if Philly is getting this Nor'easter, then Boston will be getting hit worse! Hang in there and stay warm with the kittehs.

12:21 AM, October 29, 2011  

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