Monday, October 24, 2011

Not What I Had Planned

So it turns out that I have a headache today, and that is interfering with my planned posting (because I'm not capable of ... what? Coherence? I think that's it). The weekend was largely good. Saturday I took as a mental health day, and intentionally didn't get much done. I spent a lot of time on the couch, with Carlos sleeping on my lap, either reading or watching TV. It was pretty pleasant. Yesterday, I did more: lots of laundry (though not all of it), ran the dishwasher, grocery shopped, etc. But in the evening the head started to hurt, and I've been working at less than full capacity today.

So as usual, I try to give you something in lieu of better content. Tonight, amazingly, instead of being cat-related, it's dog. I know, who am I? But this is one clever dog, indeed.

Thanks to Cute Overload for the link.

Hopefully, regular programming (such as it is) will resume tomorrow.


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