Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quick Ouch Update

This is going to be short (and probably not so sweet, honestly). The irony of the tendinitis treatment is that, in the short term, the steroid shot brings far more constant pain than the tendinitis itself does. Trying to do things with my right wrist can be painful, while trying to do things using only the left is slow and frustrating.

Here's a partial list of things that are difficult, awkward, slow, and/or painful to do one-handed (and lefty at that):
  • type
  • blow my nose
  • tie my shoes
  • use Chapstick
  • seal a zip-top bag
  • wash my hands
  • dry my hands
  • shelling peas (oh noooo!)
Yes, I got another steroid shot this morning. The shot itself, while very painful, was not as agonizing as the first one (when I wasn't sure I'd be able to hold still any longer), but the rest of the day has been, ah, well. Waves of pain and no comfortable position to be found. Not fun, shall we say. But if it makes the pain go away, it's worth it.


Quick hockey note: does Chris Bourque ever look like his father!

(It's from an article about his team winning the Calder Cup, which is nice. Good hockey genes in this kid.)

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Blogger Kate P said...

Not fun! I hope things felt a little better today.

I am glad that "petting kitties" is not on the list. :)

5:56 PM, June 16, 2010  

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