Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Weekend, by ccr

Saturday was my out-of-the-house-tasks day. I was out much of the day, and made eight stops overall:
  • The dry cleaners, to drop off a few things. They have a drive-through, which I did not use. I can see loving it if you have kids in the car, but otherwise? Yet someone was in it when I pulled up, and three more were using it as I left. I must be missing something. Unless it's just that Americans like to be in their cars?
  • Oreck to pick the vacuum up from servicing (just routine) and buy bags.
  • Trader Joe's for a few things. Sadly, the frozen pomegranate seeds are not in yet. But at least I didn't miss them!
  • After stopping at home to put away frozens and have a little lunch, I went to the Container Store, where I failed to find a commuting bag I loved. I was quite sure that I would find one, though I figured it might be more than I wanted to pay, but I am not willing to pay $49 (on sale) to compromise. I'll use what I have (which is close to okay, and was, I think, $12.99) and keep looking. I did buy a new shower organizer, whoa, the excitement is almost too much.
  • Wilson's for more peas. They're not as good as they were earlier in the season. Fresh pea season is so fleeting. I know that I wouldn't appreciate them as much if I could have perfect fresh peas any time, but still I wish I could.
  • Post Office to mail something. I love the 24-hour access machines, and not having to worry about getting there by a certain time. It kind of makes me want to mail a package at 3 AM, just because I can.
  • Kohl's. I wandered round and round, and looked at everything, and I found one little skort for $11.20, and bought a couple of bras on sale, but the big find was sneakers! That fit! And cost $28.99! Given that I tried on a pair Friday night that fit, and that I liked well enough, but that were $140 (one hundred and forty dollars!), I'm even more thrilled. And relieved. The old ones were really dead.
  • BJs, to start a 2-month trial membership with a coupon from the paper. I don't really need a membership in a warehouse store, for my household of one, not enough to pay $45 a year for it, but it'll be nice to "play at" shopping there this summer. And I can stock up on glucosamine.
Is it any wonder that I was tired when I finally got home? I watched The Blind Side while shelling and eating the peas: it was good, and so was the rest.

Today on the other hand was my in-the-house-tasks day. Laundry, laundry, and more laundry! Unload the dishwasher. Change the sheets. Pay bills. There must be more than that, surely, to make me this tired again? Well, there was a lot of laundry, and that means a lot of stairs, so perhaps that's why.

Now it's time to get dinner together (I'm trying this), and otherwise prepare for the coming week. We get next Monday off, since the 4th is a Sunday, so I'm looking ahead to a three-day weekend. What magic words!

Let's have a good week, shall we?

P.S. Don't forget to enter the 1000th-post venting contest, if you're so inclined! You have until next weekend, if you need to think about it first.


Blogger Leslie said...

Having a household of 2 plus 1 cat BJ's is something I can take or leave. HOWEVER, if they have gas pumps and it's convenient you can make your membership cost on the gas savings. Their eyeglasses (if you use them) are also really well priced.

9:30 PM, June 27, 2010  
Blogger goosefairy said...

i hear you on trying to find the perfect commuting bag. i keep looking and buying and trying and nothing has everything i want in it. i guess i'll just have to give up and make one.

1:49 PM, June 28, 2010  

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