Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Night. Yuh. Woo. Hoo.

Naturally enough, plenty of people have asked me recently how I like my new job. The answer is both simple and complex.

I like it so, so much better than the last one. The stress level is way down, the satisfaction level way up. Even for less money, it was a very good move for me.

That said, though, I'd love to not have to work for a living. If money wasn't a factor, I could be very happy unemployed, sleeping late and reading a lot and playing with the cats. Not having to be somewhere at certain predefined hours every day, five days a week, dressed nicely, getting along with others. It would be nice to go shopping during off hours, when the stores aren't so busy, or to stay up late just because I want to. The odds are that I'll have to work for many more years, but that doesn't mean I'll love doing it.

Not hating every minute is, however, a huge improvement. Just that there's a reason why I'm not answering these questions with enormous enthusiasm. Cheer, yes. Pleasure, certainly. Joy? Not really. Does that make sense to you?

I guess what I'm getting at is, much though the work sitch has improved, I still have the Sunday evening grumpies. But I don't wanna go to work in the morning!

On the other hand, I made cookies tonight (chocolate/butterscotch chip). They are yummy, and I'm bringing some to work tomorrow*. So there's good around, if I look.

*For a combined purpose of making friends there, and not eating them ALL myself, and gaining back the pounds I've chiseled off this year.


Blogger Kate P said...

I'd have to agree; I tend to eye with suspicion anyone who claims to love working. It's part of our (fallen) human nature.

I think my uncle tried to change his medical practice hours so he wouldn't have to work Mondays because of the whole Sunday night dread thing, but eventually he had to open it up to accommodate patients. It's a real trade-off.

Those cookies sounded yummy. I bet they vanished pretty quickly at work!

5:22 PM, June 14, 2010  

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