Sunday, June 20, 2010

Short note

I had a little bit of a headache when I woke up this morning, so I took a pill for it. The headache went away, but I've felt off all day, a sort of headache hangover. I felt so bad I went to lie down earlier, slept for two hours, went to the bathroom, then slept for another hour. I basically never nap, so I know my systems are not right today. It will pass, but right now I'm not even sitting up at the desk, I'm leaning on it. I want to sleep long and well, and wake up to Sunday morning again.

So much for that list of things to do. At least Father's Day is almost gone by. The ads have been everywhere in the last few weeks (I got 18 e-mails since June 1 that mentioned FD in the subject line). Certainly before my dad died, I never thought much about how hard such holidays can be, but yikes. Dial back on the message, world.

This guy has been a big help. He likes to snuggle, and I like to have him.



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