Thursday, October 12, 2017

Wiped Out by Going in to Boston

I survived the latest going-in-to-the-office day, though I am so tired (despite being out of the house only slightly longer than my usual work day) that I am contemplating a very early bedtime. Being a grown-up in public all day is exhausting! Serious clothes and shoes, no (or minimal) talking to myself, no therapy cat ... it's harsh.

Still, I got a few nice photos out of it. I saw this in the Fort Point Channel, and my first thought was, Art? I mean, we don't get a lot of icebergs here, even when the temps are below today's (about 60).
Yup, that's what it was.
And while I was making my slow-and-easy-on-the-ankle way along, I had to get a piece of the skyline.
(I wore the ankle brace, which fit into my half-boot as long as I didn't zip it, and my ankle is no more tired than the rest of me right now.)

It took me about an hour and 20 minutes to get there, which isn't so bad for the T at rush hour. I worked, talked with people, etc., and at lunchtime I got a chicken caprese sandwich from Caffe Nero, which was delicious. I love their decor.
Worked some more, left at 3, got home in about 65 minutes.

And brought myself a little treat from Flour Bakery, as consolation for all the effort. 
This one has caramel in the middle; I highly recommend it.


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