Thursday, June 01, 2017

There, That's Better

Not my ankle, exactly, but dealing with it. Since I twisted it, I've been periodically wrapping it in an ace bandage as part of the whole RICE thing, but that's kind of a pain to deal with, wrapping it around and around and around only to decide five minutes later that it's too tight. Plus those clips are pointy, man.

So I got an ankle brace*, and it seems to be providing better compression and support. It's easier to adjust, and the ankle seems, maybe, possibly, to be hurting less. It's also made of neoprene, aka wetsuit material, so I'll be able to wear it in the pool (which is closed this week for maintenance, but after I get back from my trip I'll try it and report back).
*I actually bought two, since according to my measuring I was between the two sizes. But the small really wasn't big enough. Anyone want a small/medium ankle brace, worn for approximately ten minutes?

Baby steps, so to speak. If the pain isn't going away fully and immediately, and I guess it won't, then improvements in dealing with it still count as improvements.


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