Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sun On A Weekend

All things considered, it's been a really good weekend. The part we're not counting is going over my checkbook, given that I'm still in the red due to the little screw-up when my company paid me late; let's all bend our heads and pray that Friday's check doesn't have the same problem, okay? Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease.

But other than that? It's been good.

Yesterday Mary Ellen and I went on a small adventure, since a yarn store up north was having a trunk show, which I of course saw as an excuse for lunch at Woodmans (though who needs an excuse, right?) as well as to look at lovely yarn. And the lunch was so good, of course, and so was looking at the yarn, though none of it jumped into my hands and demanded to come home with me.

Then, since the day had been improving from the morning's rain and resultant humidity, we got cold drinks and sat in the shade outside, knitting and chatting and enjoying the breeze, and it was perfectly lovely.
Then we walked over to a nearby used bookstore that each of us had been meaning to look into, and although we didn't stay long or look thoroughly (pretty hot day, remember, and it was not 100% air conditioned), it looked like a good place to get books. Though did I buy a book? No. I bought a knitting project bag. Because of course I did. It turned out that the woman at the register both crochets and sews, and makes some bags to sell there.
I'm quite happy with it. And, as a friend pointed out, supporting local business!

I had a pretty laid-back evening. I'm still finding it odd not to have hockey to watch; the draft was this weekend, so that's it for televised hockey stuff until fall. But I watched some favorite Doctor Who episodes (Blink, The Empty Child, and The Doctor Dances, specifically), while knitting. I finished turning the heel on the sock, then went back to the shawl, which is getting close to done. And despite the Extremely Loud Party in the neighborhood, I got a decent night's sleep, eventually.

Since the sun was shining, I knew today was a day to eat lunch outside. I sat in the sun, and yes, it was hot. I was dripping sweat, in fact, though every now and again a puff of breeze would lighten things. But we've had so little sun recently that just being in it felt marvelous. I've been saying that my batteries are low, and today I was like Wall-E charging. Marvelous.

After that, I ran some errands, including getting more peas at Wilson's, which was a madhouse--or, oddly enough, the parking was a madhouse, though inside was just fine--and I've been eating them since I got home. I also got a delightful thing from the bakery, which I ate perhaps a quarter of, so there's more of that in my future. And the future is now!


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