Monday, June 26, 2017

Not Following the Modern Timeline: Florida At Last

I've noticed that, as most of my friends use social media like Facebook, they will often be putting up pictures from their vacations or wherever they are for the day, in the moment, that kind of thing. And there's nothing wrong with that, of course. But it does make me feel a little old-fashioned to be writing about my vacation days or weeks later. It's such old news by now!

But hey, I went to Florida, let me show you some of it.

It rained, a lot. The day I arrived, they ended up having something like 14 inches of rain. In one day. Which is the sort of thing that turns a lawn into a lake. (By design: they make it a low point to try to keep the flooding out of the buildings.)
There was a lot more rain while I was there, if not quite that much, and even when it wasn't raining, it was more often cloudy than sunny, but we got our moments in, eating outside when we could. (Which is a contributing factor to how I got so many bug bites, I know, but I can't resist.) (We ate so very well, I can't complain about that, either!)
And sometimes, watching others eat as well. Dive!
Taking advantage of one of those lakes.
The weather made for some dramatic skies.
I mean, really, the alligator head?
But they too are lovely in their way.
I never tire of the light on the water.
I guess it's a good thing I didn't get any sunburn, since I had the several dozen bugs bites plus a nasty bout of either a cold or (I think more likely) allergies, giving me sinus pressure and congestion that often made me cough--and really, that was enough to deal with. The bug bites are fading memories now, but the allergies are still with me, and for the love of god, when are they going to stop? (Sorry, today has been a bad day for the sinus pressure, I'm snapping at the cat and all.)

Let's finish up with a few fun photos. A shirt of my mother's:
And one she got for me:
A statue? Piece of art? Whatever you call it:
And this old car. Who ever heard of an OSCA?
I hadn't!

Finally, my welcoming committee, the day after my return:
Happy again.


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