Thursday, June 22, 2017

Early To Bed For Me

So, yeah, I'm really tired again today, and decided to skip swimming and have a quiet evening and an early night (Carlos approves this plan). I have tomorrow afternoon off thanks to the extra hours I put in earlier this week, and that plus the weekend should (hopefully) put me right in terms of energy etc. I did go to the store last night to get the good allergy drugs, the ones you have to go to the pharmacy and show ID to get (good lord, people, it's just sudafed, what on earth are the criminals doing with it?), so the sinus pressure was better today at least.

Meanwhile, I just spent a very enjoyable dozen minutes watching this:

It's already six years since the Bruins last won the Cup! Crazy. I was disappointed this year that Nashville didn't quite pull it off, but last night Bergeron won the Selke award for the fourth time, tying with Bob Gainey for the most wins, which was very nice. The draft starts tomorrow night, and not that I expect any fireworks from the Bruins, but I'll turn the TV on for the first round in case anyone else does anything interesting.

Actually, NBCSN was showing one of the NHL Top 10 shows before the awards last night, and while I've seen them before and been only mildly interested, this one was on the Top Ten Traditions in the NHL, and it was really interesting! To a hockey fan, anyway, and is anyone else still reading this after the video?  :)  Happy Thursday to you if you are.


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