Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Not That I Really Had To, No

I started writing this before my trip, but thought of finishing it tonight, when I wore my old sandals to the gym, and discovered that, first, no, they don't work with the ankle brace, and second, yeah, that bruise I picked up on my foot yesterday? The sandal hit it like a target. Ow. What a thing it is to be graceful.

I kind of wanted to say that I "had" to go shoe shopping, but of course that isn't really true. However, I did want to, since I'm wearing the ankle brace pretty often to support my twisted ankle, and want to be able to keep it on for a while; and other than sneakers and slippers, none of my shoes play nicely with it. And since neither slippers nor sneakers are, you know, a professional-looking choice, and I was planning to go into the office on the day I left for Florida, so... I went shoe shopping the weekend before my trip.

I looked at flats online, and was happy to find that DSW's website would let me search by not just type of shoe, but also by size and what's in stock at my nearest store (very handy for those of us with wide feet, who look at the vast store and then try to search for anything, anything at all, that might come in wide). I found a flat that I thought might work, but when I got there and tried them on, no, not so comfortable. I looked around a bit more, including at the clearance area, and was on my way out of the store when I passed a sandal that made me look twice.

It's from Ecco, and is called the Jab Sandal (why? who knows), and what caught my eye was that, with the toggle lacing system, it would be very flexible. After all, it's not like I want to buy shoes that will fit over the ankle brace and then be far too big once I take that off. I tried them on, and they're seriously comfortable, and have a decently grippy, not slippy sole, too. If only they weren't expensive, but you can't have everything. Like so many things, they're available and cheaper from Amazon, if I decide I need another pair.

Meanwhile, they're comfortable, they're not bad looking, and they fit. Plus I didn't notice them hitting that bruise, last night...


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