Saturday, June 03, 2017

A Phone Story

Point the first: I don't have a smart phone, I have a dumb phone, or as the nice young man at the store called it, a "texting" phone.

Point the second: Every night, I turn my cell phone ringer off, so that if it rings or beeps in the night, it won't disturb me. I used to turn it off completely*, but it annoyed me that if I got a text while it was off, it would tell me the time it was received, meaning the time I turned the phone back on, rather than the time it was sent. So I switched to just turning the sound off. And I usually remember to turn it on in the morning, once I feel awake enough to deal with it.
*Years ago, visiting my parents, I did that and forgot to turn it back on until the next afternoon, when I found three messages from a very drunk guy who thought he was calling his girlfriend. Phone, or at least volume, off at night, check.

Point the third: Just about every day, I get a call or two or three that are junk, the ones where if you answer it, a recorded voice starts telling you cheerful stupid things like that they are calling from "your credit card company" or the IRS, or it might be a live person who says hello after you already said hello, and it goes on that way, and basically, if you call me from a number I don't know, or have saved in the phone, or that comes up unavailable, I don't answer it. I will look at the phone and, seeing that it isn't a call to answer, I will touch the "silent" button so I don't have to listen to it ring.

Point the fourth: When I touch the "silent" button, it is replaced by a "ring" button in case I change my mind.

Point the fifth: One morning, when I was turning the ringer back on, I didn't realize that I only put the volume up as far as vibrate (which I don't normally use, because it's annoyingly loud). I only found that out when a call came in, and it vibrated, and I looked at it and touched the silent button. Which should have thus switched to a "vibrate" button, using logic, but someone, somewhere seems to have gotten mixed up.
Because "vibrant" does not mean the same thing.

I called myself, to be sure of what I'd seen, and had the camera to hand. Seriously? Vibrant?


Anonymous AlisonH said...

Now that's funny! And proof that phones are designed by engineers, not English majors. (Said the latter married to the former.)

4:03 PM, June 04, 2017  

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