Friday, June 02, 2017

Comparison Photos

There was a very pretty sunset recently, that I hurried to get pictures of before it faded. And in fact, I snapped a shot with my camera, then decided to get it with the tablet too, so I could put it right up on Instagram.

This one was taken with the camera:
And this one with the tablet:
And if I crop that to a similar orientation to the first one:
So, unsurprisingly, the camera does a better job. I like having the flexibility of the camera in the tablet, but am sometimes let down by the quality of what it produces. The price you pay, I guess. I was hoping that, since the weight of the tablet means I'm less likely to carry the camera with me on a daily basis, that it would make up for not having the camera with me, but it doesn't really. Not completely, anyway.


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