Thursday, June 29, 2017

An Ups and Downs Day

My day didn't get off to the most auspicious start. In a way, it started Wednesday night, when I happened to see (on Facebook) a notice I never got* about how the city was going to be working on a water main near my house on Thursday, and how, while I was not in the "your water WILL get turned off" area, I was in the "water issues may extend along these streets" area. Great! Working from home does require my plumbing to function, for sure, and I was worried about where I would go if the water went off. Not that there aren't places, but I'm a planner, and I don't like last-minute things sprung on me (understatement alert). (Spoiler: I did not lose water today. But they are working tomorrow, too, so keep those fingers crossed.)
*I guess this is the downside of trying not to obsess about always being "caught up" on Facebook: I can miss things I actually want to see. I subscribed to the blog for the city, so now I'll get these things emailed to me, hopefully.

Then there's my ankle, which I apparently aggravated by running a couple of errands last night; even though they weren't arduous, and I was wearing the ankle brace, I noticed it during the night as feeling a little funny, though not exactly painful. I was just aware of it, and it's bothered me a little today, enough that I don't think exercising is a good idea. Which, not that I exactly want to exercise, but I'm paying for the gym membership, and I hate wasting the money by not going. Mixed feelings.

Then, I went to read the newspaper in the iPad this morning, as usual, and it opened the app and offered me ... yesterday's paper. It does that once in a while; I'm sure I've mentioned that much as I respect the Globe as a newspaper, its apps are full of problems. I cursed as I turned to the small tablet, since I prefer reading the paper on the larger one, but then the app there wouldn't open at all. Great. I tried clearing the storage in the iPad version (since I have it set to clear automatically, but it doesn't), to see if that would help, and it worked on that for a while, tried to reload the app, and informed me that I needed internet access to open it. Though it was in fact connected to the internet, it wouldn't open at all. (Spoiler: It opened just fine at lunchtime, so at least I did get to read the paper eventually.)

Back to the water main work: I figured that the best-case scenario would be that the noise of the work would be annoying, but I forgot that Carlos' napping would be disturbed by the noise, and oh, can he be annoying when he wants to. He kept coming to get me, over and over (like, around a dozen times by lunch) to express his discontent with Life In General, until I was ready to kill him. He did finally sleep in the afternoon, but when they were packing up for the day, some Extremely Loud Back-Up Beeps woke him, and he was a pest again. Good thing I love him ... and that he doesn't hold a grudge when I threaten to kill him and leave his body out for the crows.
So far, all downs, right? I mean, small downs, no-big-deal downs, but enough of them to add up to annoying. Well, there was a good up: I checked my bank, and they straightened out the double-payment that had my checking account all messed up last week. They even refunded all but the first of the many charges they had assessed, without my having to ask, which is nice. And I certainly don't blame them for charging me that first one; that's on my company, and I am going to ask them to repay me for it (not that I think they will, but no harm in asking). I'm just waiting to see if I get paid on time tomorrow, because if not, we have bigger problems to focus on.

I did have to make a couple more phone calls about the situation, since my online bill paying got suspended due to all the excitement. But the Nice Young Man got it reinstated easily, it's all even still there in terms of pending payments, no problem. He did suggest that I call the bank (he works for another company, not my bank) and confirm that they are aware that the payment pull-back was a one-time deal, so that they won't retract my payment next month. So I called the bank again, and the guy there put me on hold for a while to talk to the claims department, and says I should be all set and just fine in July.

We shall see. I hope so. I also hope that I get paid tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'm going to go make some tuna salad, to celebrate summer, or at least summer-ish weather, at last.


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