Thursday, June 15, 2017

After a Great Trip, Not a Great Day

So, yeah, kind of went silent there, didn't I? Sorry about that. I had thought I might blog from Florida at least a few times, but I forget that when it's a working vacation, I want to spend all my non-work time with my mother, on the lanai, or both. And I'm not apologizing for that, of course! Pictures and stories to come.

I got home, in the door, at just before 9 last night. It was supposed to be earlier, but my flight was delayed a bit (that runway that they're working on at Logan had better be fixed mighty soon; my flight down was delayed too, to the point where instead of the hoped-for dinner at Outback, we ran into McDonalds). Carlos greeted me with VERY LOUD MEOWS, letting me know that I had been away MUCH too long. He accepted all cuddles and snuggles and scritches, and purred and drooled and shed, and did not want to be far from me while I got ready for bed. He then woke me a few times in the night, letting me know that he had left the bed and now OH WOE IS ME, I AM ALONE, WHERE DID YOU GO. Doofus.

This morning I didn't even try to work at the desk, but set myself up on the couch so he could sit with me. I managed to stick with the couch or bed most of the day, though by late afternoon I just missed the extra monitor and keyboard too much, and set it back up. I keep visiting him, but I need the real setup again (plus I am just maybe a little less sympathetic to him, after listening to him whine all day). The little laptop screen seems to shrink as time goes on.

So I was tired today, and a bit disoriented after the trip, suitcase half-emptied and mail and newspapers all over the table. Then my manager and I were discussing how the report I've been working on part of, recently, the one they haven't quite finished writing yet, is such a high priority to get done that I may do some overtime on it (well-compensated, trust me), at least once they finally turn in the last part of it already, and the cat was fussing and it's sunny out but blowing chilly in, so what I'm saying is that my mood was okay, but not great.

And then, we got an email with the subject line "Payroll" saying that hey, yeah, your pay wasn't in your accounts today, no, there was a "technical fault" and it should be there tomorrow, "apologies" and "thank you for your understanding."

Uh-huh. With all the many, many quirks this company has, pay has never been late, in the almost four years I've worked for them (in two stints), and I never seriously thought that I would have to consider that as something that could happen. So now I will be learning what my bank charges for bouncing a check, since I haven't done that before. Oh, maybe thirty years ago I did, but that was a different bank, and a long time ago. This is something I could have done without learning, certainly.

At least tomorrow is Friday. Plus, I miss my mom and Florida, but I'm back with my little looney tune. Who at one point today was sleeping with his tongue sticking out.


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