Friday, July 01, 2016

Weekend, Mail, and Knitting

Let me start with an update on the mail--Scratch that, let me start by saying woo, the long weekend! It's here! Woo!
Now, more on the mail. Early this afternoon, I heard a little rustling noise out my window, which overlooks my front door--this is the door that goes to a hall shared by three units in the building, and is NOT where the mail boxes are, but of course, how could you expect the US Postal Service to know that, it's not like they've been delivering the mail here for years and years--so I looked out, and when I saw a postal person acting like he was going to leave mail there, I called down to let him know that the door he wanted was the other side of the building, for which information he thanked me (and now, I'm sure, he will never be put on this route again). A while later, I went down to the boxes to see how he did.

Well, he did find the boxes. Mine had one piece of actual mail, two magazines, the weekly store ads (with one side pretty much shredded by being stuffed in), and ... no newspaper. However, one of my neighbors had a newspaper in hers, and when I pulled it out to check the label, yes, that's mine. Sigh. So close.

Meanwhile, the other item I'm tracking, which is supposedly "out for delivery" today, was not there. I didn't see it in anyone else's box, though I didn't feel like I should pull out everything and check it all. We'll see when the tracking claims it's actually delivered. Or if one of my neighbors finds it in their box and leaves it for me, I guess.

And this is why the USPS doesn't guarantee their "2-day Priority Mail" will be delivered in 2 actual days.

On to happier things: knitting! Yes, I still do that, even in summer. As I wrote a while back, the Puncia shawl made it to the social knitting phase for a while, but once I finished the first half and started the second, it went back to being high-concentration home-only knitting. Therefore, all I've been doing for social knitting lately is socks, as you can see.
While they're coming along well., I felt the need for more. And I had something in mind.

In a quick search, I can't see that I ever blogged when I got this yarn, last year:
I was inspired by a shawl the Yarn Harlot made, and got the same yarn she used here, which is the Concrete and Tulips colorway from Caterpillargreen yarns.. I mean, self-striping sock yarn is one thing, but shawl yarn? Where the shawl gets wider and the stripes stay the same? That's seriously cool. I'm off to start it and see.

Carlos is very excited for me.


Anonymous Mari said...

Postal service is just awful... that's amazing how they can mess something up... It's good that we're knitters - little anger management :D

1:35 AM, July 18, 2016  

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