Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Trip Readiness

I suppose I should be complaining about how much work it is to get ready for a trip, but in fact I love making lists and crossing things off, which pretty much outweighs the what-will-I-forget worries, especially on a trip that is at least partly vacation, to visit one of my favorite people.

That is, I don't stress about packing as long as I have enough time, and I do; since I knew I was going to be out all day Sunday (another beach day! fun but tiring, that may do me for the year), I started making piles on Saturday, and am now mostly down to the last few things before the things I can't do until travel day. Don't want to pack my glasses the day before, after all.

But the backup sock yarn is wound (since obviously I can't risk finishing the sock and not having a sock to knit), the laundry is done, the carry-on is packed with all that can be done ahead, etc. Tonight after swimming I will run one last little errand, and tomorrow I will work half a day, then throw the computer into the bag and head out.

I just read something recently talking about social media and posting about traveling, and one of their points was that telling the world that you're away is like telling thieves your house is ready to be broken into. Which I can see could happen, but I wonder how often it actually does? (I mean, I'm not worried personally; my little condo building has so many doors that the US Mail is regularly stumped, and even trick-or-treaters can't figure it out, so I think my odds are pretty good.) Also, while social media would spread the news, is that actually more practical for thieves than casing out locally? I mean, I imagine this:
Two women bump into each other in the supermarket. The first one says, "Mary! I thought you guys already left for Disney!"
The other woman laughs. "I wish! We're leaving this afternoon, and the prep has just about killed me. But I just took the dog to the kennel, this is my last stop, and ten days in Florida will make it all better!" 
They part, and a man shopping nearby casually follows Mary around the store, then outside, and to her house, where he notes the address to come back and break in next week.
I mean, is it likely? No. But is it possible? Sure. There was a news story I read last year about an Uber driver who took a woman to the airport, then drove back to her home and broke in--surprising her roommate considerably. But if she hadn't had a roommate, he might not have been caught. The world is full of shit, is my point, and social media is not completely to blame, imperfect though it is in many ways.

Anyway! Never mind that; back to what's important, like knitting. Thanks to those who weighed in on the striped shawl, take 2; it's going with me as on-the-plane knitting, so I should have some progress to show you next week. I decided to bring the stripe shawl, not the lace one, as being on a plane, although a decent place for somewhat complicated knitting, is not always uninterrupted time, and this shawl is not currently at the "easy" stage. If I had to tink on the plane, that would spoil my mood, I'm pretty sure. I'll work on it again when I get home, and soon it will be back to social knitting again. And even if I don't finish the sock, it should be close to done, too. Lots to look forward to!


Blogger Alice said...

Yaaaaay trip!!!

I've always felt the same way about this robbery situation. Like, there are one million ways for someone to screw me over, including breaking into my house WHILE I"M HERE rather than waiting for me to be on vacation, and like, stabbing me while they're at it. Or the in person grocery store scenario that you described, or the uber driver, or 1 million other ways. It just seems like if someone is determined to rob me, they'll... figure out a way to rob me. And I get not making yourself the easiest target in a sea of complicated targets. But at some point you just need to live your life :)

3:27 PM, July 28, 2016  

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