Wednesday, July 13, 2016

An Icy Blast (not literally, thank heavens)

I got a pleasant treat last night when I found that NESN was rerunning some old Bruins games (not old-old, just from last season). Hockey!

I was home from swimming in time to see the end of one game, and watched most of the next (it was almost over, but I was so tired and achy...). It was just so nice to see hockey again. Especially since, for some reason, I came out of swimming with extra-sore quads, and this was a welcome distraction from the extra level of ow.


  • In the first game, when a player scored top-shelf, Jack said that he "put that where mama keeps the gluten-free cookies!" Man, I miss Jack Edwards, with his enthusiasm and his head-scratching analogies. At least at this point, we're closer to next season than last season.
  • My favorite, Patrice Bergeron, scored 34 seconds into the second game.
  • That game was in Florida, yet there were so many Bruins fans there that at one point they managed to get up a clearly audible chant of "Let's go, Bruins!" Pretty impressive. As Jack said, some teams travel well, but the Bruins travel loud. (After that, the Florida fans upped their game, and the chants sounded more like "Let's go, [unclear mumble]" as Panthers and Bruins fans dueled.)
  • At one point, the camera found a Bruins fan standing up to cheer a play. He was wearing a Bruins jersey and a black and gold kilt. Yeah.

As for the "not literally" in the title, yes, it's hot again here. Yay! Someone asked me today if it was "getting hot out there," and I said yes, but then clarified that I'm not complaining, I like it. Winter is my complaining season. I can acknowledge that it is hot, though; in fact, mid-afternoon I had to close my windows and open the air conditioning vents, as it was too warm in here even for me. But up to then I was enjoying the sweet breeze wafting in. Long may it stay.


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