Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Seesaw Pretty Much In the Middle

Not the worst day, but not the best day. Carlos has been needy still today, but he hasn't been quite as bad as he was last night (though the night is still young). On the other hand, it's hot enough that even I, Ms I-love-hot-weather, closed the windows this afternoon and opened the a/c vents. Plus the grocery store was out of cucumbers, which, how does that happen? It's just the little local one, emphasis on little, but still, that was disappointing. I find them very refreshing in summer.

Meanwhile, in more solidly happy news, I am about to finish the toe of the second sock in the current purse pair, and I decided that rather than cast on a new pair, I will first finish the ones in Bruins colors that have been languishing since I got rid of the exercise bike*. I started them more than a year ago! It's time for them to be done.
*Damn it, I still haven't gotten a long couch. I think I got stuck on the decision about getting one for the short term, or to move with, and that plus the money question...

So I'm off to do that, and try to lure mouthy boy into sitting on the couch with me. Wish me luck, eh?


Blogger Leslie said...

Cucumbers and squash are going to be small this year due to the drought. Well, other things too but those too for sure. The local farm lost their first crop of corn due to it too. Here in the Connecticut River Valley (famous for its local summer produce) it's going to be a lean year.

I'm beginning to wish we had turned the AC on today instead of just using the ceiling fan. The nighttime humidity is getting really uncomfortable. Tux is in the kitchen on the tile under the ceiling fan there and refuses to move.

10:47 PM, July 07, 2016  

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