Saturday, July 09, 2016

Just Not in the Way I Expected

So yesterday, I wrote that I would be shopping for:
...knitting needle tips in size US4, which I already have according to my own records, but which I can't find anywhere. As soon as I buy more, they will turn up, so that's my plan.
And today I went out and bought them as planned. The ones I have are the Knitters Pride Dreamz interchangeables, and they are color-coded by size (as seen here), so I noticed as I knit the striped shawl onto them that the new needles are green.

Then this evening, I picked up the lace shawl I'm knitting, and absently noticed that the needles are green. Wait...

The pattern calls for size 5 needles. I thought I was using size 5 needles; that's what I put in Ravelry (a few months ago, when I started). Apparently, though, I am not. This doesn't matter for the lace shawl, since I am happy enough with the fabric I am getting. but it does mean that the missing needles were right next to the couch the whole time I've been wondering where on earth they could be.

Problem solved, kind of. Oy.


Blogger Leslie said...

I made a side trip to WEBS last week because I absolutely didn't have ANY size 6 needles. Then I got home and realized I have 4 pair of size 6 tips, it's size 7 I only have one set (that I can find). Needles and receipt are in my purse.

I don't know how I manage sometimes.

7:36 PM, July 10, 2016  

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