Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Tale of Two Plants

I've written about my "office" plant, Seymour, before; as a refresher, here he is when I was setting my home office up, 11 months ago.
The tendril to the right kept growing, but over time it also had leaves dying along it, leading to a straggly look that eventually had to go. I cut it off, trimmed the still-healthy end, and put it in a cup of water.

A few weeks later, this had happened.
Growth! I bought a small plant pot, a fancy one actually, and plopped Junior into dirt.
I'm still keeping an eye on it; I don't know that I fully trust the self-watering thing to work. But I chose Seymour in the first place because Golden Pothos are hardy, forgiving plants, and so he has proven over several years and all too many offices. And he's still growing, viz the new leaf starting:
So we can't be doing too badly.

Meanwhile, back at Seymour Senior, a tendril on the left that had not been growing restarted once the other side was trimmed. In fact, it went from this on the 7th (tiny nub where my finger is pointing):
To this on the 11th:
And the leaf is now separate and unfurling. Plants can be kind of cool, I find.


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