Monday, July 18, 2016

Beach Day, ahhhh

Today was kind of annoying. Let's talk about yesterday instead.

Because I went to the beach with friends yesterday, and all that fresh air and sunshine and surf just wore me out, and I crashed early last night, even before I could throw photos up here. It was such fun! The forecast had said it would be overcast all day*, but really it was much nicer than that, mostly sunny, and the thunderstorms that were going to happen at 2 and then at 4 hadn't happened by the time we left the north shore around 5 (after 5+ hours on the beach, then eating, then ice cream). A really good day, and another group of friends wants to do it next Sunday, which, while I'm not usually a frequent beachgoer, is hard to resist.
*Which probably helped keep numbers down on the beach--it really wasn't that crowded.

Naturally, I'm going to need plenty of water with me for a day on the beach with the temperatures in the 80s. In the name of science, I conducted a small frozen-water experiment, in two parts. On the one side, I had a regular water bottle that I filled most of the way and froze the day before, adding water in the morning before I left. On the other side, my insulated Tervis water bottle (seen at the end of this post), mostly filled with ice cubes and then topped up with chilled water. Both bottles were placed in insulated bottle totes, since I happen to own two in just the right sizes (the larger one is like this, and the smaller one is like this, though both of mine are just plain blue), and they really do help keep things cool.

And the winner? By the time we left the beach, I had run out of water, but each bottle had a very small amount of ice left, so it was a tie (and kind of a loss, to me, in that I didn't have quite enough water and had to buy a bottle anyway, but now I know).

And it was beautiful.

 They didn't build it (the builder had left), but they sure had fun with it!
What a nice day...


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