Saturday, July 02, 2016

Today, and Yarn From Portland (belatedly)

Today has been a decent mix of leisure and getting-it-done, and while I didn't come home from errands super-stressed, I was still amused to see this pop up on Facebook.
Of course, I did not go right to bed or anything--not at 3 PM--but I let myself off the hook for any more Accomplishing. Listening to my grandmother ramble for half an hour, picking up a few prescriptions, getting groceries: that's plenty. I did start the dishwasher this afternoon! But basically I've been reading and knitting and generally goofing off. It feels great.

By the way, the swimsuits, which were due to arrive next Wednesday, then Tuesday, arrived today. One might be too big, but might do, and the other feels too constricting. I got annoyed by the second one, and had to step away. Will try again when calmer.

Meanwhile, I was surprised to realize that I never blogged about the yarn I bought on my recent trip to Portland. Bad knit-blogger!

First, the skein that I got at PortFiber:
With the literal freak flag:
An alpaca yarn called "Wooly not wool" amuses me mightily. It is so soft, light, warm.
From KnitWit's sale bin:
Two skeins from Wonderland Yarns (I have some of theirs in the stash, but haven't used it yet). I seem to be more attracted to yellows lately than I used to be. Searching for sunshine, mayhap?

Also from KnitWit:
The colorway is Blue Spruce, and it is a greeny blue.
There was a faded denim colorway that I also liked, but I figured I have plenty like that in the stash already, so I went very slightly off my usual path here.
Local yarn is fun to get.

Then, from Halcyon Yarn, more from the sale area. First, this sort of off-red color.
From Juniper Moon.
And then, I know, more yellow.
This is a heavier weight, but I used some of Swans Island's yarn to make socks with, and it's very nice. And I can't resist a sale!
So there you have it. Only a few weeks late.


Blogger goosefairy said...

Wow, very little blue in this stash! Nice job with the colors.

11:22 AM, July 03, 2016  

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