Friday, January 02, 2015

Why, It's Friday!

Good news: Several times today, I forgot and then remembered that it was Friday. Nice!

Also, lunch out. Bertucci's. Someone else drove. All good things.

Not as good: I do in fact have a bruise on my knuckle, as well as one on my knee. Ow. I am a delicate flower. A clumsy, delicate flower.

But it's Friday!

Amusing news: I was editing an article about mastectomy, and it is of course a serious medical subject, and naturally if you're talking about reconstruction, there are issues like symmetry and so on. I really don't think I was being too much like a kid when I giggled to see that the writer, when choosing images from the presenter's slides to accompany the article, chose two that featured photos (we don't use photos much, either) of topless women. Not that the photos were porn ... but they didn't add any information to the article. Cut! And a good laugh for a Friday afternoon.

I just finished reading a book, first of the new year. I only finished 75 books last year; my numbers continue to drop, year by year. I'm okay with it, though. Partly it comes of not finishing books, either new books that I try and don't like, or old favorites where I feel the urge to re-read part, but not all. I've also been more likely to re-read Sheldon collections* before bed, rather than book-books, if you see the distinction. And the more I knit, the less time there is for reading. Perhaps if I included listening to audiobooks...but somehow that seems like it would be onerous. Who knows.
*I have to get book 8 sometime, but seven volumes do keep me occupied fairly well.

The computer is getting rather tetchy just now, so I think I'll give it the rest of the night off. Happy Friday to you!


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