Saturday, January 10, 2015

Of Cat and Head (Separately)

Carlos had his vet visit this morning, and though he hated it, naturally, it actually went fine. Other than his teeth*, everything is good, and he was much complimented on his looks, temperament, and overall wonderfulness. It didn't impress him ("Can I go home now?"), but his mama appreciated it.
*I need to do more with brushing, since I did find a toothpaste he loves the taste of, and after all, we do want to avoid further problems.

Once safely home again, his lordship went into make-it-up-to-me mode, wanting me to stay with him on the bed and be at his beck and call, even more than usual. He figures I owe him. He has gotten extra attention, though I did go out to meet friends for coffee and knitting this afternoon all the same. I'm sure he will milk it as long as he can, though.

Recently, I took the numbers (from the last few years) of headache days (the blue lines in the charts), and terrible headache days (the red lines), that I've had, and let Excel do its thing with them, to see how they trend.

Here is 2012 by week:

And 2013, which is when I started going to the chiropractor:

And then 2014:
This one goes higher, because of that one week with six headache days, so the overall numbers aren't down as much as it initially appears, but still, but take a look at the downward trend, there. And I love how the red line flat-lined for the second half of the year!

Another interesting note, relative to the proportion of headache days to ones that were terrible:
in 2012, over 50%
in 2013, 25%
in 2014, under 10%
I'll take that for improvement! It's kind of mind-boggling, actually. If anyone in my area is looking for a chiropractor, I have a recommendation.

The Bruins managed to win this afternoon (three games in a row? who are these guys?), so I have the evening to Get Things Done around here. Wish me luck with that!


Blogger Leslie said...

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10:52 AM, January 11, 2015  
Blogger Leslie said...

That IS an impressive improvement - your chiropractor seems to be doing it for you.

1:38 PM, January 11, 2015  

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