Saturday, January 17, 2015

Look for the Heat Detection System

The cats can tell you where the warmest spots in the house are. And where are the cats this evening?

Carlos is on the bed with the heated mattress pad. The window is cracked open a few inches, so that he can better survey his more distant realm, but he considers the negligible heat loss well worth it.

Belmont is curled up on the bathroom rug. The heat vent in there is as enthusiastic as if it heated a much larger room, resulting in a toasty spot.

Me? I'm on the couch, knitting and watching the Bruins game. I finished a sock today, so I have to get the next one established for purse knitting. And I have to root the Bruins through their game, of course. It's a lot of work for one person, but I'm pretty well rested from day 1 of 3 off. Ahhh.


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