Monday, January 05, 2015

Monday. Uh-huh. And, It's Freezing

You know what's worse than "20 degrees, feels like 4"? The forecast for the rest of the week. Argh. Time to rerun the classic:

I've already used the newly cleaned off couch, how about that? This morning, Carlos was fussing about, wanting me to come back to bed (after he got me out of bed, fussing for food, the hypocrite), so I came over to the other couch (since he's very cautious about being on the one that Belmont is on) and pulled him up next to me. He allowed as how if scritching the head was involved, he could be on board with that, and we had some peaceful time until Belmont got down and came over*, meowing, and Carlos decided he was urgently needed in the bedroom (wimp).
*Due to natural feline perversity, I guess. 

When I got out of the shower and was getting ready to leave, I noticed that both cats were consoling themselves for my imminent departure as best they could.
I want to be one of them...

Then, on my drive in, as I went around a car that was blocking my lane (from the other direction), the driver gave me the finger, presumably for not stopping and letting him turn first. While it would have been a nice thing of me to do, I admit, the fact that I didn't was hardly worth that response. Since he was rude first, by blocking my lane, I don't feel he had any moral high ground upon which to stand and judge me. Agree, disagree? It certainly gave that fine "Monday" feel to the day.

It's self-evaluation time at work, which means a lot of staring off into space for me, being all introspective. What are my "professional development and career aspirations"?

I remember, a few years ago, answering someone's question of what I wanted to be in five years by saying, "Happy." Mind you, that was about five years ago, and I'm happier at this job than I was at that one, so, yay? I don't think I really have "professional development and career aspirations" the way they mean (and I don't think there's anything wrong with that, not that such aspirations are bad, per se).

I aspire to enjoy my job, or not hate it too much*, so that I can keep working without too much pain, so I can keep paying my bills. I don't want to be unappreciated, but I don't take a big part of my self-worth from job performance. So many things are more important to me than the job. Is it unusual that although a job can make me very unhappy when it's bad, when things are fine, it doesn't actively make me happy? I think what I feel now is more relief, comparing this situation to previous ones, but that's different.
*Which, if you've been reading here long, you know what I mean, right? No links needed.

However, though I might be able to pull the "happy" line in a semi-casual conversation*, it doesn't belong on the form, so I'll have to come up with something. I'm going to sit down with a woman who's sort of a mentor, and get her advice.
*Nothing with that man was ever truly casual, but it wasn't actually a review or interview.

I have to bring Carlos in to the vet for a rabies shot, so off we'll go Saturday morning. Cross your fingers, will you, that they don't find anything else? He's going to hate going anyway, which stresses me out a bit, but I need him to be fine for years to come, please.


Blogger Leslie said...

The guy who gave you the finger for not giving him all the respect & privileges he wants because goddess gave him a penis? Bump him.

And how about a development & career aspiration to not let any assignment leave your desk until it is 101% correct and the author agreeing with and appreciating all your changes? Which I guess means your interaction skills are perfect too, right? I hated those things.

10:56 AM, January 07, 2015  

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