Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Let Me Ask You a Question (or Two)

I was telling someone the other day how this weekend, when I was reconciling my credit card statement, I found that I had been overcharged on something, when she said half-jokingly, "Reconciling?" And it made me wonder if everyone does that or not.

So, question one, if you use credit cards, do you go through the monthly statements against your receipts, and make sure everything matches?

Question two has to do with the actual overcharge. The problem was with a restaurant where I charged a gift card, so I knew full well that the charge should be exactly $25, and was therefore much surprised to see it on the statement for $32.66 (and honestly, I don't normally tip 30%, either, do you? but this was just a gift card, straight up). I called the restaurant and spoke to someone, who looked it up and said that yes, a mistake had been made (which is ... dubious to me, but anyway), and they would credit my card the difference. (He did apologize, which I appreciated, though he also said one of the owners would call me to apologize and no one did, so why mention it?) This was Sunday, and when I checked online tonight, the credit went on my account yesterday ... for $7.55, or eleven cents less than the mysterious "error".

So, question two is, would you call again about the $0.11? I kind of want to for the principle of it, but I kind of don't want to because I don't want to deal with them again, and listen to whatever excuses they come up with.

I will probably go to the restaurant again in future, since the food is really good, but I think it has become a cash-only establishment for me. And as I don't always carry much cash, that means they might lose my business sometimes, when I don't feel like going to the bank first. Kind of a pity, but I'm not interested in handing them a credit card again.


Blogger Leslie said...

Why, yes, I do throw an eye at my credit card statement(s) every month. I delight in checking my payment was properly credited and that nothing untoward has been charged. I also check my checking account on-line a couple of times a week too.

I guess you tend to do that when (a) your debit card has been hacked and there's a $140 car rental charge in Detroit on a Wednesday and (b) Chase calls you up about the $1600 charge at an on-line electronic warehouse because 'it just doesn't seem like you." Since then I've had a debit card issue twice but nothing fishy on the credit cards, thank goddess.

I think going after the $0.11 is a bit much right now. You have to judge the value of your time and the aggravation.

3:46 PM, January 15, 2015  

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