Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Again With the Cold

Or would you prefer this one?
And, know what? Tomorrow's forecast is for cold, and Thursday's is colder still*. Awesome. Today managed to be "bitter cold, but not too cold to snow," which added to the level of awesome.
 *There is a "wind chill advisory" for overnight Wednesday, calling for "wind chill readings as low as 24 below," I can't even.

So, that's where my mood is! At least no one gave me the finger today. That I saw, anyway.

And while I did have to go to the dentist, it was just a poky-poky progress check, not actual drilling or scraping.

And I had to stop for groceries, but that means I won't run out of coffee creamer, which is a good thing.

I'm looking for the bright side, anyway!


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

I'm already dreading the walk to work tomorrow night. :-(

7:06 PM, January 07, 2015  

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