Monday, January 19, 2015

Socky Sockness

Things are much of a sockness around here lately. On Saturday, I finished the most recent purse socks.
Same old Simple Skyp Socks pattern that I love, and the yarn is String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn Caper Sock, very cushy and nice. Also, let me show you the recently completed bike socks, of which I finally took pictures.
Same pattern, and this yarn is Mad Color Fiber Arts Classica, which I also like a lot.

The finished socks mean starting socks, of course, and I have two new pairs going. For the purse sock, I'm trying out the Skyp pattern toe-up, so we'll see how that goes; it's too soon to be sure how it's working.
But it looks promising enough! Yarn I got at the knit lab last year, it's Kismet Fiber Works Soul.
On the bike, I'm doing them the regular way, and am much entertained by how the Into The Whirled Manchester Sock is pooling. One side:
And the other.
Ziggy and zaggy! Whatever keeps me on that bike, you know?


Blogger Kate P said...

Those socks are GREAT! Nice work and I love the color patterns.

10:20 PM, January 19, 2015  

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