Friday, January 16, 2015


When I got home tonight, I picked up Carlos and told him that:
  1. I was home (which, duh, but, you know);
  2. it was the weekend; and
  3. it's a long weekend.
Ahhhhh! What a good feeling. Infinite possibilities in that extra time. Although, more than likely, this is what will happen instead.
Oh well. That would be good, too.

Not that it's been a particularly bad week. We're in a slow period at work, which is a great opportunity for organizing and cleaning things up, but feels strange after months of near-constant (and sometimes, frenzied) work. The editors have been working on tools to keep track of things, both for ourselves to all be on the same page, and for training a new editor when they eventually find one. I've also spent some time online watching medical videos, or taking AMA quizzes, to refresh and add to my medical knowledge. I joined a professional organization, in part to get member pricing on some self-study modules they provide (all of which the company will pay for, which is a nice perk). It's just funny to show up and instead of planning all I have to do, think, well, what shall I do?

What I have to do right now is nothing. What I shall do? Well, let's see what happens.


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