Thursday, January 08, 2015

Brrr, Ugh, All That

I've been doing all the usual grown-up things this week, like getting groceries and, oh, working, as well as making myself* go to the dentist to be poked in the gums, and put down money for having some fillings repaired, and I've been doing it in the increasingly miserable cold, about which just let me say that there are times when I wish the car did not tell me the temperature when I get in it.
*It's one of the banes of my growing up that I have to make myself do these unpleasant things.
The camera wouldn't even focus on it; mid-right, that's a minus 1 F. I suppose I knew it would show negative numbers, but I didn't need to see it...

Anyway, in addition to these usual indignities, I have also spent time on paperwork to refinance my mortgage, which is just such a ridiculously grown-up thing to do, I can't believe anyone thinks I should be allowed to do these things. Who put me in charge? This is clearly a mistake.

In other words, this morning I pulled half of the last box of Girl Scout cookies out of the freezer (to be part of lunch, not breakfast), and I have a date tonight with Ben and Jerry after dinner. We need to counterbalance all this responsibleness, or who knows what might happen.

As for the Bruins, while they didn't play exceptionally well last night, again, and went to overtime for the fourth consecutive game, they actually managed to win it there, which is startling but pleasant. What will they do tonight, I wonder?


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