Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Yeah. A *Great* Day. (Warning: feeling parenthetical)

I got in to work today to find an e-mail my boss sent last night about the next report I'll be working on, followed three minutes later by another e-mail from her with the subject line "PLEASE IGNORE MY LAST E-MAIL" because she had told me to do the wrong report. (I wasn't going to start it until tomorrow anyway, but still.) This was followed by a message about the actual report I should do next, for real, and then by another letting the managers involved know I'll be starting it tomorrow. And that was followed by a response to her from one of those managers, a person I actually respect (usually), saying to her, "Thanks for your flexibility."

HER flexibility? Way to throw salt in my wounds, dude.

When she came in, we had a discussion about how it's the cold in the office that most makes me want to work from home. See, yesterday via e-mail, we touched on my working from home more often, which she says she's fine with but that I should ask her boss about (because ... why exactly? I could see if she wanted to discuss it with her boss, but me?) and she wrapped up with the maddening statement,
"I don’t think you should work at home full-time, like [the other editor].  The only reason we allowed this is because she has such a nasty commute." 
Because that's totally fair and reasonable. They hired the other editor knowing where she lives and what the commute would be, but she can't be expected to come in and I am. I kind of want to say to my boss, in a gentle, sympathetic tone, "I guess you don't realize how ridiculous that sounds."

(Or would "absurd" be better than ridiculous?)

(I wonder how far away I'd have to move before it counted?)

Anyway, she reached out again to the guy who talks to the people* at the office park about the temperature, and the office park people sent over a guy who assured us that the heating systems are working fine, so I guess we're just imagining being cold. I must be imagining that I was wearing three times the clothing I did at home yesterday, too. He added that it might feel cooler by the window, but after all, soon it will be getting warmer out! (Really, he was almost as good as the guy who showed up about the mouse, a month after we reported it.)
*We're like the Cabots and the Lodges over here. (old Boston joke)

So, let me sum up: I'm not really cold, I just think I am, and also I should just wait a month or two or three not to be so cold at my desk...? With that and the snow flurries* coming down outside said window, I kind of wanted to cry. Or bang my head on the desk. If only my fury and frustration warmed me.
*It didn't amount to much, it's just so demoralizing.

And after work, I got to go to a condo meeting. Because that's guaranteed to cheer me up.

(It actually wasn't bad. We may be paying a bit extra toward the snow removal, since there's been so much of that, but we'll see. And apparently they're working out the problem with the water bill, the "Water bill? What water bill? Oh, that water bill!" issue that was discovered recently. Yeah, owning is joyful. As much as being a grown-up generally is.)

I think I'll go knit.


Blogger goosefairy said...

Oh gah. That is just awful.

The way I finally got my issue of cold wind blowing on my head and down my neck was to get the VP of our division to come sit at my desk. I just asked him if I could borrow him for a minute. "Bring your coffee" I sat him down and just looked at him. He started looking around and said "where is that coming from?" I pointed up to the vent on the ceiling and he took care of it the next day.

Unfortunately, this requires someone sympathetic who will actually DO something about it. So... not much help in your case.

I was actually getting so anxious just reading this post I had to stop for a minute. I am SO sorry you are STILL having to deal with this. It is nonsense and your boss's rationale for not letting you work from home more often is just B.S.

2:52 PM, March 06, 2014  
Blogger Leslie said...

"I don’t think you should work at home full-time, like [the other editor]. The only reason we allowed this is because she has such a nasty commute."

hmmmm - so would you still be able to work for them if you moved to Florida?

I don't mean to be picky but since you'd only had 3 minutes of thinking you'd be working on Report A before being told you'd start Report B, it really wasn't that big a deal. 3 days would be a biggie, 3 hours would be a waste of their time (since they're paying you) but 3 minutes? Really?? In my opinion, it's just another indication of her being an airhead, which you already knew.

Cheer up - spring's coming :P

8:04 AM, March 07, 2014  

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